Definisi Kecantikan di Seluruh Dunia

Oh, helo there.

Sory for a very long gap posting. I've been busy lately. Busy for, well you know.

So, let's talk about beauty.

How to define a beauty? Hod do you define a beauty.

Some people sea beauty with manner, some people also sea beauty with brain.

Some people see that the real beauty is natural beauty.

Natural beauty is real beauty but i always love to makeup. Applying makeup leads woman to be confident. Because some people see beauty is confident.

Regardless your body shape, your skin tone and etc.

So, how do you take care of yourself to maintain your beauty?

Does the beauty inside your fade away as time goes year by year?

Mine? I use The Cokelat Face Mask to maintain my skin age. Hehehe.

So, what's yours?

It doesn't matter what do you use to take care of your beauty, as long as you confident with, you can walk like a swagger aaa...

 So, remember that, Inner beauty sounted the most.
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